The participants were girls and boys from one school in Gatenga Sector called George Fox Kagarama primary school. They were all selected from primary 4 and 5 classes.

Two years ago this school requested for a peer mediation training because of the issues students have been having in their communities.  To help the students  at the same time it was difficult to carry out the training effectively due to the study programs from the school that had to keep going on. However, with the little time TLC had, facilitators saw that the workshop was needed since the last time the students of this school were trained was in 2016 and they are now in secondary school in different school around the country.

Photo of participants  at Kigali peace library in peer mediation training

Workshop materials needed: Notebooks, Pens, Markers, Flipcharts, Meals and facilitation fees


Facilitator’s comments on the workshop: The facilitators enjoyed the group of students trained it was encouraged and motivated group by asking different questions and helping each other understand all the concepts. The facilitators are so thankful to TLC for this wonderful peace program of peer mediation, these trainings has contributed a lot in children intellectual growth and different people around them can see it. This program is very important to our communities especially for these young children; it helps children to grow up with a culture of peace and bringing sustainable peace among the society.


Usually we did peer mediation in the school day that is good because the students combine the training and courses but it was interested to do it at some point in the holidays because facilitators got to have more time with the children and having different personal conversation with them. This training also in holiday, the children were free for training. It was also encouraging to hear that the headmasters requested again for these training because it shows the impact it is making on the students.

The participants were very happy and thankful to TLC that takes it’s time to come and be with them to give them something to add on their knowledge. The students said that what they learnt will help them improve on their behaviors and how they live with others in the society. Students are excited to use what they learnt and be the peer mediators between the school and communities to promote peaceful living in societies.

After training most of participants decided to stop some behaviors which can cause the conflict like fighting with their peers, insulting others, harassing others, stealing etc.

Testimonies of participants:

My Name is MUHAWENIMANA Lethitia, I study in p5 George fox Kagarama primary school in this peer mediation training I have learnt more about conflicts and conflict resolution. I have learnt different ways I can change the kind of word choices I use while communicating to my peers, so that the conversations can go well rather than them resulting in conflicts or fights, I learn how to use phrases like ,  I message., and also not to point figures. I am glad that I am now people who can see things differently in a peaceful way and help my peers also stop managing their conflicts in a wrong way.

My name NTORE Brave student in P4 at George fox Kagarama primary school what I have learnt in this training is to be Mediator, it was an important training for me because before getting it   I used to fight a lot for no reason but from now I am going to change my bad behavior and help others to resolve their conflicts too.

My name is UWIMPUHWE Bella; I am studying  in P5 and I’m  10years old, what I have learnt in this   training is that I will not be the cause of conflict because am now a  peer mediator I will teach my peers to change their bad behavior and reduce the conflict, I will help them to resolve their conflict without going to teacher or headmaster, respect each other and live peacefully.

Recommendations for way forward

  • More training for having more peer mediators in the schools
  • Peace –Clubs creation for making sustainable peace
  • Training of new peer mediation trainers for having more facilitators
  • Training in the holidays to children from different school, from the church , etcThe Facilitators in peer mediation training are MUHAWENIMANA FrancineINGABIRE Blandine, and Mukamanzi Therese

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