The participants were very happy and thankful to TLC for the knowledge they got; they said that this knowledge will help them to change slowly their behaviours and start a new way of living in peace with their peers and friends. They enjoyed being mediators in their school and in communities where they live.

Photos of children’s attended training of Peer Mediation and Facilitators

After training, most of the participants decided to change some behaviours that caused the conflict like fighting with their peers, insulting others, harassing each other, and stealing etc.


  • Long way to the facilitators (Kigali –Gicumbi)
  • Noise from tractors  because of road construction
  • Few fees for facilitators (two facilitators to 50 children was not easy)

Testimonies of participants:

My Name is INGABIRE Sandrine; I study in p4 at Inyange primary school. This peer mediation training, I learned how to resolve conflicts. I also learned about mediation and characteristics of a mediator. I am going to change some of my behaviours because before this training, I was one of the people who caused conflicts in the school. I will be able to resolve my conflicts and help my peers to find the solution to their problems.

My name IMFURASHEMA Happy and I am a student in P4 at Inyange primary school. The last three days I was here in the training, I learned how I must promote peace at school by helping the peers who are in the conflict. I liked this training because before getting it, I was one who fights with my peers but because I know the causes of conflict I am going to change my bad behaviour in order to help others resolve their conflict.

I am UMWIZERWA Janviere and I am a student in P4. I got knowledge about conflict, and I know that my peers are also able to resolve their conflicts. I am happy to be a mediator and that will help me not to be the cause of conflict because as a mediator, I will teach my peers to change their bad behaviour and reduce the conflict. I will be able to help them to resolve their conflict without going to the teacher or headmaster, and to respect each other and live peacefully.

Recommendations for the way forward

  • More training for having more mediators in the schools
  • Budget for following the Peace Club created from the students trained
  • Training of new peer mediation trainers for having more facilitators
  • Training in the holiday of children from a different school  and from the churches

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