April 202120/4/2021 we visited primary school GACURABWENGE to remind student to return books borrowed in the holyday
.23/4/2021 AGLI coordinator visited us in the library. He appreciated Library workers and He reminded us of the responsibility for working better in order to build a cultural of reading books for children.
Name of Library:
Reading in Library
number of boy :19
girls :30

Other categories :1
Borrowing books
number of boys :25
Girls :43
others categories 3
Reading activities
From 1-9/4/2021.we did not received children at library because all students were on school holydays and they live far from Library. also this period included the 27th commemoration of genocide against Tutsi week.
only 5(4 girls and 1Boy) brought back borrowed books .
.from 13-16/4/2021 ,still due school holidays we did not have many children’s at Library. we only received 7 children (2Boys and 5 Girls) and also we received one young person .
.From 19-23/4/2021.
during this week ,we received total number 31 of children’s (11boys and 20 Girls ) together with 3 young Girls.
.From 26-30/4/2021,
During this week we received 74 Children at Library(30 Boys 44Girls ) we also had time
listen to the children about importance of Library into
Their lives : it was amazing to hear the stories , bellow you will see same testimonies.
During this same week, we started doing classification and cataloguing adult books.
There were no peace activities that happed in this month


In each testimony we heard all answers from children are about importance of library to them

He  is GIHOZO Cyprien, Student at  Byumba Inyange in primary5,he is 12 years old. in his testimony he said that  I started coming in this library when I was in primary 3, from that that library helped me to read well languages, library helped me in my study because sometime I  read books which have the courses we learn at school. The library helped me also to have more friends from different areas I can share with. I got to  know  the history of our country through reading books. I want to thank the librarians who teach me reading. I started teaching my siblings how to read so that they can grow up with a love of  reading. 

He is IRADUKUNDA Cedric, student in Byumba Inyange primary4, he is 11 years old, Library help us in many different ways, in our lessons at schools and our daily life, like to have good relationship with others. Every time we borrow books  we got new skills from them. With children peace library program of peer mediation training we know how to resolve conflicts with the peers without cause other conflicts

My Name is OBAMA Blaise. I study at  Byumba Inyange primary5, he is 12 years old. Library helps me to take rest, when I am not very well, or when I come to school tired, I go to the library to read some stories which can help me to come back in good condition. Also with the reading different books, I read book of Animals where I know the different lifestyle of animals .

My name is IRAKOZE Jean Luc, I study at  Byumba Inyange in primary6,  I am 14 years old.

Library helped me to grow my drawing talent. At school I used to draw some stories but was not very good. One day I saw in the library the book called “Architect“I borrowed it after I read it. I tried to make practice from the book, now I am a good drawer because of that book.

These four students are from Gacurabwenge primary school, in p4 and p5 they like to come to the library together because they know each other and have a very strong friendship that was built due to coming to the library together. They shared with us that they red all of them together a kinyarwanda book called “Umukobwa w’igikomangoma wabuze, in English it is translated “A lost princess “and the story tough them about love team working and from that time they became very close friends both at school, at library and in their neighborhood. Their friendship went to the level where they help one other when it comes to school subjects. They sit down together and do exercises together.


During this month, we have not encountered very many challenges. The only challenge we encountered is that during this month we have been receiving many children in the small space for them we have. During this time of COVID-19, this issue became worse and the only decision we have been taking was to send some children back home.


We do have a very poor internet especially during this time we are classifying and cataloguing books. We really wish to have a very strong internet.



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