Agriculture is the mainstay of economy of Rwanda like Irish potatoes ,maize ,beans and cabbage and other important crops that is very important crops for  food security .TLC-Rwanda continues their different activities for helps citizens to improve of livelihood in Rwanda for purpose of fighting malnutrition. some of TLC-Rwanda field staff caring their activities day by day where neighbors people adapted our  method of conservation agriculture (CA)  

here bellow there are some photos showing some activities of agriculture . 

although  TLC-Rwanda helps people now days it has the problem of maize stalk Borer(NGONGWA),it caused by climate change .but still now  we are doing the activity for  fighting  insect by using different method in order to reach our target for poverty reduction and fighting malnutrition.

TLC -Rwanda ,appreciate MCC for helps their activities.  TLC -Rwanda ,our activities  found in Rwanda especially at Gicumbi district. 

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