Due to the long period of drought in Gicumbi district, the farmers are more affected climate change because the harvest season declined in season B2020, and continued to affect farmers until the beginning of season A2021 where most farmers in different areas here in Gicumbi delayed to prepare the lands which automatically led them to plant late. Most of them planted in October 2020.

In Farmer Field School (FFS) groups, the challenges remained the same, but the FFS groups that are the most affected are those in the Rukomo and Nyamiyaga sector.

Today, all of the FFS groups in Gicumbi believe that they will have a good yield at the end of this agriculture season because the weather conditions have returned to normal.

Farmers are also trying to adopt Conservation Agriculture (CA) in order to increase their chances for productivity.

9 FFS Groups  Established 2018-20192020 TLC Volunteerism Spontaneous Adopters 
FFS members FFS members Not Attended FFSs 
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Total farmers that TLC currently have, and the situation on how farmers are adopting CA:

  • 336 are farmers that TLC Field Staff and Village Agents have currently visited in their gatherings and on individual farms in October 2020.
  • 133 individual farmers have been visited by TLC Field Staff and Village Agents individually in October 2020.
  • Among 133 individual farmers, 29 are Spontaneous adopters.
  • Among 133 individual farmers, 124 have practiced Minimum Tillage.
  • Among 133 individual farmers, 67 are currently practicing Minimum Tillage and Mulching.
  • Among 133 farmers that were visited in October, 49 farmers are doing conventional agriculture.
  • 133 of 133 farmers know the importance of crop rotation and normally practice it.
  • Among 133 individual farmers, 108 farmers have kitchen gardens.
  • Among 133 individual farmers, 101 farmers renew and take care of their kitchen gardens regularly.
  • Among 133 farmers that were visited, 127 farmers are in Village Saving Loans Agents (VSLA) Groups.
  • Among 133 farmers that were visited, 5 farmers are facing gender based violence issues in their homes and need advocacy and to be advised individually or with their partners.

The details above explain how the FFS groups are currently running different activities in their areas.

TLC Field Staff and Village Agents are regularly visiting the farmers and FFS groups in order to motivate them and track how they are doing nowadays.

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