In Rwandan culture,  reading books is still not seen as an important skill or hobby to have. The Children’s Peace Libraries, run by TLC, are still working to improve the culture of reading  and peace through different activities like:  Peace debates, Read Aloud programs, encouraging children to read books about peace by themselves, and more. 

The Transformational Leadership Center established 6 Children’s Peace Libraries in different regions of Rwanda. In the Northern Province we have three libraries in the districts of Gicumbi, Burera, and Musanze. In the Western Province we have two libraries in Rubavu district: the Kanzenze library and the Bugeshi library. The last library is the Kigali Children’s Peace Library in Kigali.The kids who come to the libraries are happy because of all the activities that are planned for them in the peace libraries. Not only that, but the kids are strongly encouraged by the librarians to borrow books and bring them home for the kids to share with their families.The librarian staff appreciates the people who help with the implementation of activities in the Children’s Peace Libraries, as well as those who help to promote English comprehension, knowledge development, and peace literacy in the libraries. 

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