After Christmas, the children at the Children’s Peace Libraries in Rwanda were so excited to return to the libraries. they were excited  to explain how they had enjoyed Christmas and how they started the new year. This year the children are going to continue to do peace literacy activities and learn about peace through stories.  At MUSANZE CHILDREN’S PEACE LIBRARY,  new children were invited to the library, along with some parents, to read a book about the environment and to plant trees together. We wanted to learn and teach others how we start with small seeds and after carefully watering them and tending to them; the seeds will grow and bear fruit. It is the same for building a peaceful future

.Of the staff in the Children’s Peace Libraries from Kigali, Gicumbi, Bugeshi, Burera, Musanze, and Kanzenze are encouraging citizens of Rwanda to help kids to continue the culture of reading books and developing skills about peace.

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