From December 20-21 2022, TLC led a peer mediation training at the Gicumbi Children’s Peace Library. This training is led with the help of two facilitators Mukamanzi Therese and Ingabire Blandine, along with librarian Jean d’Amour Tuyizere. The participants were form two local schools (GS Byumba Inyange and GS Gacurabwenge Primary School). There were 26 students who received this training. Peer mediation training helps children to learn how to resolve conflict among themselves peacefully without intervention of their teachers. These students learn the skills needed to mediate among themselves independently.

After the training the children shared a snack together which helped the students to get to know each other better and build a strong sense of community.

This peer mediation training is one of TLC’s programs at the peace libraries which are aimed to promote peace within the next generation of Rwanda. Currently we are focusing on providing this training in our five locations where we have libraries, however the goal is to expand this program over the next few years. As funding and resources allow, we would like to provide peer mediation training to children in other areas of Rwanda as well.

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