The Dream of Children’s Peace Library of Kigali to Have another Library outside Kigali Has Come True

It was after several months when the Children’s Peace Library situated in Kigali City in Kicukiro District, Kagarama Sector wished to start another new Peace Library outside Kigali. As The Children’s Peace Library continues to grow and add new books, the Transformational Leadership Centre was looking at the possibility of opening a new branch of the library in Gisenyi, located in western Rwanda on the northern shore of Lake Kivu. This new library will start small with just a few hundred books, due to limited space and availability of books. But news of the new library opening has already sparked interest in local parents, nearby schools and church leaders who are looking forward to the opening of the first children’s library in the area.

A Survey to look for new places where these Peace Libraries will be located has been done in Gisenyi (the Western part of Rwanda) on 20th Feb, 2012 and these Libraries are going to be in Gisenyi Town and the rural of Gisenyi in the house located in Rubavu District, Kanzenze Sector in Kabari Center.

The Vice President of TLC Israel NYAMWEMA, together with the Coordinator of Children’s Peace Library Jean Baptiste HAKIZIMANA and the TLC accountant Therese MUKAMANZI visited the house which is soon going to become a Library in Kanzenze Sector and they appreciated it because it is near the Primary School and near the main road from Ruhengeri to Gisenyi town.

The Library in Gisenyi Town; Mr. BIZIMANA Theonest has found a good room for it and he stands as the responsible person  of it.

TLC has  signed a contract of 6 Months rental with the owner of the house in Kanzenze Sector and agreed to start the Children’s Peace Library Activities in early March, 2012. Books have been taken to the new libraries and are being sorted out of boxes and onto shelves.There are newshelves already completed for these libraries. Jean Baptiste and Annie (MCC volunteer) are planning to go to Gisenyi Children’s Peace Libraries to register them in the computer as well as categorizing them on the shelves for easy use and identification. They will be done with this work before the end of April so that when children come from their school holidays the Libraries will be ready to be used. The painting and cleaning the New Libraries is nearly completed.

We hope children will enjoy reading and learning to use the Library and this will be an answer to the people in the area who could not have Libraries for their children.

Story by Jean Baptiste HAKIZIMANA.