Towards the end of March we carried out a training on Gender and Family Conflict Management in the sector of Nyamiyaga in the cells of Kagamba and Mataba where we had a total number of 116 participants. The quality and variety of participants was impressive from young women and men to old women and men.

The trainings they received gave them more knowledge on violence, equality and gender balance, conflicts management and mediation especially in a family setting. Participants were happy to receive the information especially that they could easily relate as these were things they would encounter in their daily lives. They were happy to learn other forms of violence apart from those based on sex among other take aways.

The trainings took two full days each in the cells. The first training took place in Kagamba from 21st to 22nd March 2019. Within this training 29 women and 29 men were trained.

The training from Kagamba was followed by another one in Mataba which took place from 27th to 28th March.  Within this training we had 58 participants in total also with 29 men and 29 women.

Participants were happy to share their testimonies 

“This training has opened my eyes as there are many things that didn’t go well in my home because of poor communication. I am going to apply this at my home and share it with others – I won’t keep it to myself.” Said NIBAGWIRE Esperance from the sector of Rukomo, Kagamba Cell

“I am greatful for TLC to have thought about us and brought these trainings. I have learned so much from this training such as the different kinds of violence and how to avoid them in my family especially that I use to practice violence without knowing that it was violence upon my family and this would result into conflicts. I am going to therefore plant the tree of peace and get rid of the conflict tree.” Said HABINEZA Jean Bosco from Nyamiyaga sector, Mataba Cell

“In my daily life I am a friend of families, my team and I work together to solve family conflicts but thanks to this training, my skills are now enhanced. I’ll be able to solve the family conflicts with additional skills” Said MUKAKANANI Beatrice fron Nyamiyaga sector, Mataba cell.

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